The Gilchrist Family

After going back and forth on dates for family photos, we picked a day and decided rain or shine, we were going to go through with it. There was a break in the ran an hour before the time of their shoot and right as I jumped into my car to head over to meet the Gilchrist Family, the rain started up again. Despite a rough time for one of the kiddos to get ready, it didn't stop the picture perfect fall family photos.

The Dangaran Family

It was a chilly November morning, but that didn't stop the Dangaran Family from taking family photos. Sarah thought it would be a great idea to round up her in-laws to take some family photos since a new son/grandson/nephew entered the family in June. The rain held off at the perfect timing and hanging out with the Dangarans was the best time. They made my job incredibly easy.  They're a joy to be around and such a beautiful family.