Little Bruin

This little family added a new member this December. Bruin Scott Willms made his entrance into the world on December 14th and asked to take newborn photos of the little guy. He was so calm the entire time, made my job easy. Loved seeing Ashley and Kirk transition into parenthood. They're already naturals and you can tell Bruin is so loved already. I can't wait to watch this little guy grow up!

The Reeves Family

This photoshoot was thrown together last minute and it couldn't have been any more perfect. Ali really wanted a "woodsy" backdrop but the rain was coming any minute. Randomly Ali thought their backyard might work. Sure enough, it was exactly what she wanted! Their daughter Joey just turned 2 and she wanted to make sure she had some photographs of her during this time before baby number 2 arrives. This family was so adorable and after Joey couldn't stop talking about her lollipop, her parents finally caved in. Thanks again Rick and Ali for letting me photography your sweet family!

The Gilchrist Family

After going back and forth on dates for family photos, we picked a day and decided rain or shine, we were going to go through with it. There was a break in the ran an hour before the time of their shoot and right as I jumped into my car to head over to meet the Gilchrist Family, the rain started up again. Despite a rough time for one of the kiddos to get ready, it didn't stop the picture perfect fall family photos.