Ashley's Camping/Outdoor-Themed Baby Shower

My season of life right now involves babies, and lots of them. Amongst all my family and friends, things have moved from bridal showers, bachelorette parties and weddings to baby showers, baby parties, and birthday parties. I can't complain because I'm loving the change of pace. I have been able to be apart of a handful of baby showers this year and this one was my latest one that I was able to throw for my good friend Ashley Willms in Eugene, Oregon. Her and her husband Kirk are expecting their first this December and will be having a boy. She picked the perfect theme for her nursery - Outdoor/Camping. Thankfully it's very popular right now and we didn't have a hard time finding decor. This party wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for my other good friend Christi Harris to help co-lead this shower. She has the best eye for things like this and I was so grateful to work alongside her. We were able to use University Fellowship Church's fellowship hall for the venue which ended up being perfect with it's barn-like feel. Decor came everywhere from friends, family, and places like Target and Hobby Lobby. We did a dessert bar for food which included fall favorites like donuts, apple crisp and pumpkin pie along with an apple dipping station and s'more mix. Cake was made by Christi herself and the favors were pulled together by Christi and our husbands and tags were written by yours truly. The party was a hit and Ashley loved it. What a fun way to celebrate their soon-to-arrive baby boy Bruin!

Invite designs: Slightly Stationery