A New Look

Kaela Mey Photography has rebranded!

Thankfully I have a husband that loves to design. After a lot of thought process and time, we worked hard to make the overall brand of my photography business to be exactly what I wanted. Overall the goal was to make it simple and clean.  We started with the logo. I am a big fan of geometrics and wanted to incorporate that into the look and feel of my business. We used lines and blacks and whites to help create this. Here is the final image:

Once we achieved the logo, we made sure everything else we put together for the business would reflect our overall goal. From the website to my business cards to the final package, everything stays consistent.

Lastly, from the moment you make your first contact whether that is in person or on the website to when you get your final product in hand, I want you to make sure you as a client understand that I want to give you the best when capturing your life moments. My images are all about being simple and natural. I look forward to working with you some day! - Kaela